How Can Social Wi-Fi Benefit my Business?

Just a few benefits of installing Social Wifi…
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    Improve Customer Satisfaction.

    Enable your customers to use a strong, secure internet connection when visiting you.

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    Gain invaluable customer insight.

    Use your Social Wi-Fi to analyse current customer profiles. Find out who you’re attracting and who you’re not.

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    Boost your customer database.

    With the customer’s permission, use your social Wi-Fi to gain contact details and use these for marketing purposes.

Boost Your Business with Social Wi-Fi

Being social has never been more rewarding.

We all like to stay connected. Wherever we are. Whatever we’re doing. So why not give your customers the internet connection they crave.

You’ll keep your customers happy and capture more customer data with Social Wi-Fi, so what’s not to love?

We provide Social Wi-Fi to large shopping centres and small coffee shops. Whatever your business, if you have customers coming through your doors, they’ll appreciate your free Wi-Fi connection

How Does Social Wi-Fi Work?

Your customers access your Wi-Fi by logging in, using either social media or by registering their contact details. Giving you more opportunities to interact with your customers, either by extending your social media marketing reach, or by sending marketing info.

Customer logins give you valuable insights, thanks to Monkey Tree Hosting’s analytical tools. So you can create clear customer personas and modify your marketing messages to target specific consumer groups.

Contact our friendly team today to find out more about how getting social will bring in more business.

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    High Grade Equipment

    We source and use the most effective equipment to ensure high quality coverage across your premises

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    Bespoke Design

    You can decide how visitors log in to the Wi-Fi, and what data is asked for.

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    We ensure your connection stays secure and meets current data protection legislations.

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    Out of Hours Installation

    We install your new system out of your business hours, so no disruption is caused to your trading.

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